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Dr. James P.B Lynch

            Dr. James P.B. Lynch, D.C., is the director and founder of The Holistic Health Force, located in New York City. Well known for the many outspoken ideas that have put him in the forefront of holistic health care, he has hosted a weekly radio show and has been featured on national news programs. 


                                    Dr. Lynch has developed a three-month plan to take control of your own health. This is a step-by-step, comprehensive, user-friendly program for real people, not saints. It will help you strengthen and balance the three sides of your Holistic Triangle: the mental/spiritual, chemical, and physical components of your total health picture. For thousands of Dr. Lynch's clients, the results have been dramatically successful. Now you can use the Three-Month Holistic Self-Health

Program to overcome health problems and transform your life. This month-by-month approach includes:

  • The Momentum Month - which focuses on developing your mental/spiritual side with daily practices and exercises. The fundamental nourishment on this side is love-the most powerful healing force in the universe. You will learn how to

provide yourself with unconditional, nonjudgmental love and lose negative emotional baggage. 

  • The Cleansing Month - emphasizes detoxification and increasing intake of energy-giving foods. This diet, along with supplementation and raw juices to eliminate toxins, brings benefits such as weight loss and the disappearance of many chronic health problems, along with strengthened immunity.

  • Feel The Force Month - involves exercise and healing arts to bring you to a higher level of fitness and energy. You'll end up feeling and looking younger, leaner, and stronger, remarkably rejuvenated, and in control of your health.

Utilizing the major principles of holistic healing, Dr. Lynch's program is one of self-empowerment, allowing you to activate your own natural healing power. It provides specific steps and self-help tips along the way, as well as advice on finding the best holistic practitioners to help you on your journey. This program will allow you in the midst of a stress-filled world, to create the sanctuary filled with the energy and love you need to live a joyous, healthy life.

                                 Why not begin today?

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