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Comprehensive Nutritional Profile

At The Holistic Health Force we actually teach you about what's really going on, you will be taught how extremely important it is restore your nutrients to optimum levels. You're basically understanding why it's all about lifestyle and how much you love yourself. 

Chronic Illness Treatment

When you have a chronic illness, you must nourish every organ and every system in your body to achieve a synergistic effect that it's energy will regenerate and revitalize the organ that is in CHRONIC disease, the one that is manifesting/presenting the symptom. Remember that the symptom is good for you. Our holistic goal is to reverse the condition so that there is no chronic treatment. You'd be amazed at the incredible powerful healing force of love and nourishment will heal you. The symptom is the cure. You'll understand what this means when you come in. Always embrace the symptom with love and nourishment ,so that you can address the root cause of the condition. The symptom is altered physiology to maintain function or we'd die on the spot.

Holistic Physical Therapy

State of the art physical therapy. We treat of disease, injury, and/or deformity by holistic & physical methods such as a massage, heat treatment, and exercise never by pharmaceutical drugs.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Aligning Your Spine

Massage Therapy

Holistic manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance a person's health and well-being. There are dozens of types of modalities.

TheraLase - Laser Acupuncture

The purpose of laser therapies is to provide light energy units via infrared laser radiation, referred to as photons, to damaged cells. It is the preference of industry experts is that photons absorbed by the cells by way of laser therapy stimulate the mitochondria to boost production of ATP. This specific biochemical increase in cell energy can be utilized to enhance live cells from a state connected with illness to a stable, healthy state. About 4000 reports have actually been performed in recent years to actually validate the effectiveness regarding cold laser therapies.

Pain Treatment

Most powerful, healthy, superior anti-inflammatories used ONLY.

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